Mark Knopfler’s 1953 Gibson Super 400 CES

Mark used this guitar on the songs “Fade to Black” and “On Every Street” from the 1991 album, and occasionally live on “Your Latest Trick”.

Yeah, I used a pick for [On Every Street]. I played an old [Gibson] Super 400 with Alnico pickups through a [Fender] Vibrolux with the tremolo on. That’s genre. You’ve got to love all that crap, haven’t you? [Laughs]

Mark Knopfler, Guitar Player, June ’92


Mark’s guitar is a Super 400 CES model featuring a blonde finish, an archtop design, and two Alnico V pickups. It was built sometime in 1953 and featured a slightly thicker top when compared to the earlier models to reduce feedback.

First Super 400 was built in 1934 and it was named after its price – $400 (around $7,000 in today’s value). It was hugely popularized by Scotty Moore, who played a 1963 model in Elvis Presley’s stage performance, the ’68 Comeback Special.


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