Mark Knopfler’s 1959 Gibson ES-335TDN

This guitar was featured in the booklet of the 2000 album Sailing to Philadelphia. It was also seen on some photos taken at Mark’s studio, but coupled with another almost identical ES-335 – presumably also from the late 50s.

Mark Knopfler with the Gibson ES-335TDN.
Mark Knopfler with the Gibson ES-335TDN.

Specs, Usage

Mark’s Gibson ES-335 is finished in blonde and features an ABR-1 Tune-O-Matic bridge and two Gibson PAF pickups.

Mark used it on “Baloney Again” from the 2000 album Sailing to Philadelphia, and possibly on some stuff on the 2007 album Kill to Get Crimson.

It’s a pretty good combination; I played it on “Baloney again” That’s a ’59 335 – again with a nice, fat neck – that I got through Rudy, and the amp is a ’59 Bassman.

Mark Knopfler – Vintage Guitar Magazine, 2001


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