Mark Knopfler’s Gibson Chet Atkins CE

Mark played this guitar occasionally live in the 80s. It was seen on the Love over Gold tour, during which he used it on “Private Investigations” and “Love over Gold”. On the Brothers in Arms tour, it was also used on “Your Latest Trick”.

One of my favorite guitars is the Gibson Chet Atkins solidbody classical, which has been on a lot of sessions since I got it. It’s a beautifully made thing. I use it onstage, too, because you can get really loud with the thing. The action is low, so it tries to get the best of both worlds.

By and large, I think it succeeds. It’s a lot of fun to play. I used it on the Bryan Ferry sessions, some sessions with Phil Everly, and on the film scores I just did.

Guitar Player, July ’79 Mark Knopfler
Mark playing a Gibson Chet Atkins CE in 1986.
Mark playing a Gibson Chet Atkins CE in 1986.


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