Mark Knopfler’s Ernie Ball Volume Pedal

At some point, probably around the late 80s, Mark switched from a Morley to an Ernie Ball volume pedal. He continues using the same model of a volume pedal to this day, and it can be heard on essentially every live performance of Brothers in Arms.

Just a simple Ernie Ball pedal. It gives you more of a speaking voice, something that approximates a steel guitar. I always wanted that. I can’t sing, so the guitar becomes a voice in many ways.

Guitar Player, June ’92 Mark Knopfler

According to the research done by Ingo Raven, Mark uses vintage volume pedals, that had different pots and therefore properties than the modern volume pedals produced by Ernie Ball. Ingo even sells a kit that allows you to modify your volume pedal to behave like Mark’s.

Mark using an Ernie Ball volume pedal on
Mark using an Ernie Ball volume pedal on “Brothers in Arms’


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