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Duane Allman’s Vox Super Beatle

According to some sources, Duane used this amp in the Hour Glass era (1967/1968). We, however, haven’t been able to find any photos of him actually using the amp, so if you happen to come across any please be sure to leave a comment below.

There is one photo of Duane and Bob Keller (band’s bassist at the time) singing through a microphone together on stage, dating sometime to 1967 [Hour Glass – Duane and Keller]. Keller’s amp can clearly be seen as a Fender Bassman Blackface, but unfortunately, Duane’s amp is hidden right behind him. We do see that the amp is plugged into a Vox cabinet, identical to what a Vox Super Beatle would come with from the factory, so this is perhaps where people got the idea he used this amp.


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