Duane Allman’s Vox V8161 Fuzz Box

access_time First seen circa 1966

Duane used a Vox fuzz box on his 1950s Fender Telecaster in 1966/1967. The box was attached directly to the guitar by two broom holders, which were screwed onto the body.

The version of the Vox booster that Duane used was most likely a V8161 model with the rotating guitar jack on the bottom. You can see photos and the schematic of the Vox V8161 over at the Vox Showroom website. However, based on a forum post about the V8161 schematic made by user “vintagekiki”, the Q1 and Q2 are 2N2924 transistors, and the R2 in the schematic should have a value of 150R (ohm), instead of 150k.

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