Duane Allman’s 1960s Fender Stratocaster

Duane used this guitar while working as a session guitarist at Quinvy Recording Studio, Sheffield, FAME Recording Studios, Muscle Shoals, Fred Be(a)vis Recording Studio, later renamed Muscle Shoals Sound Studio, Sheffield and Atlantic Recording Studios in Manhattan – collaborating with artists such as Wilson Pickett, King Curtis, and Aretha Franklin.
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The guitar was most likely a direct successor/replacement of the Fender Telecaster that Duane played in Allman Joys and Hour Glass. First photos of Duane with this Stratocaster date back to around April of 1968, when Hour Glass was doing their short mid-west “Power of Love” tour, which is also around the same time when he stopped using his Fender Telecaster with a Stratocaster neck fitted on it.

On the photos dating back to Hour Glass era, Duane’s Strat featured a white pickguard and pickup covers. Sometime in 1968 (somewhere between July and November) he painted them both black, – as can be seen on the photos taken at Muscle Shoals. It is also apparent that the pieces were indeed painted and not simply replaced, as there are visible white patches showing underneath the black surface between the bridge and middle pickup. Duane also painted a red scorpion on the pickguard, as that was his horoscope sign.

We, unfortunately, couldn’t find out what happened to the guitar after Duane stopped using it. It is possible that he swapped it for another instrument, as he was starting to gravitate more towards Gibsons at that time. If you happen to know anything please be sure to contact us using a form located at the bottom of this list.

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