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Duane Allman’s 1966 Fender Twin Reverb Silverface

In early to mid-1969, ABB purchased a Silverface Fender Twin Reverb with two JBL speakers at Lipham Music Shop in Gainsville, Florida for $605,00 [Willie Perkins & Jack Weston, Memorabilia, p. 5]. Based on the serial number (PA 1045), the amp was made in January 1966. [Fender Tube Amplifier/Amp/Serial Number, Date – Dating, Speaker code & Tube Information] Also, according to Don Butler, the Twin had the output section rewired at some point to be cathode biased.

As far as using the amp live, in pictures from 1969, Duane was seen splitting the signal of his guitar between the Twin and his Marshall head with a Y-cable going into the Vibrato input on the Twin.

Allman Brothers Band playing in Piedmont Park in May of 1969. The Twin Reverb is sitting right behind Duane. Photo credit: Twiggs Lyndon / ABB Archives

Regarding studio use, apparently, Duane bought this Fender Twin to Muscle Shoals with him in May 1969, to record the first Boz Scaggs album. As to why he did this, as opposed to using the equipment that Muscle Shoals Sound Studios owned (which most likely included a Fender Twin) – we have no idea. Be that as it may, Duane did bring the amp with him, and on the return trip to Macon, was arrested for driving with no valid driver’s license. He was subsequently released but had to leave the Fender Twin behind as collateral since he had not enough money to bail himself out [Galadrielle Allman, Please Be With Me, p. 186 – 187].

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