Duane Allman’s 1960s Gibson ES-335

Based on photos available, Duane played this guitar in one of his earliest bands called The Escorts, which on one occasion opened for The Beach Boys in 1965.

He continued using the guitar with the Allman Joys until 1966, before switching to a 1954 Fender Telecaster that he used with Hour Glass until 1967. The Telecaster might’ve been swapped directly for this ES-335, but this is only guesswork.

Duane Allman (far left) with his ES-335 during the Allman Joys era.

Duane’s ES-335 featured a cherry red finish, block inlays, and a Bigsby tremolo- and it doesn’t seem to have been modified in any way.


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2 years ago

A few years ago I was visiting family in Colorado and we stopped by Wildwood Guitars in Louisville. I remarked to one of the guys there how impressed I was with their stock and asked what their most interesting guitar in the store was. They went in the back and brought out this guitar and were kind enough to let me strum a few chords on it. As a lifelong Allman fan, you can imagine my ear to ear grin in the picture I took with it

2 years ago
Reply to  Andy

Per the comments on this video its still there!