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Duane Allman’s 1950s Fender Telecaster (Pete Carr)

Duane used another Telecaster around 1967/68 that belonged to Pete Carr – who was the bass player in the Hour Glass. The guitar was initially purchased from Sylvan Wells, a friend of Pete and of Duane (Sylvan is now an attorney and a luthier:

Allman had the guitar set up for the slide and reportedly used it to practice the craft of slide guitar even while his bandmates hated what he was doing at that time. He used this very guitar to play the first renditions of Statesboro Blues live on stage with Hour Glass in 1968, and therefore the guitar is of special importance both in Duane’s personal history and in the history of Blues Rock Slide Guitar itself.

As far as the guitar itself, we’ve found only one photo of it taken circa 1969 at the Capricorn Studios. Based on the photo, the metal cover of the neck pickup is removed (which was a common mod), and the neck seems to be from around 1956 era – based on the butterfly string guide still positioned closer to the D-string tuner (post mid 1956 it’s moved back closer to the nut), and the logo design (changed at the start of the 1957/58 season reading “Fender” and “Telecaster” upwards instead of downwards). Based on this, Pete’s Telecaster was most likely a 1955/56 season model or a 1956/57 season model.

Duane used the Tele occasionally for gigs, and during one of them somehow managed to snap the neck of the guitar. Carr then took it back to his father to fix it and it remained with Pete ever since [Pete Carr in Macon –].

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