Duane Allman’s 1968 Fender Bassman Silverface (Head)

Used in the early days on the Allman Brothers Band. Duane purchased this Fender Bassman in early 1969 from Lipham Music Company in Florida and used it for a brief period before it became Dickey’s backup amp. [Willie Perkins: The Allman Brothers Band Classic Memorabilia, pp. 6 – 7]

The amp was also used by Duane later on, on September 23rd, 1970 at the Fillmore East. It is visible from the 3:56 to 4: 00-minute mark in the video below (the amp sitting on top of the tall speaker, behind the drummer),

The Fender Bassman that Duane used was a model made in 1968, featuring 2 x 6L6GC tubes. The Silverface amps altogether were introduced in 1968, by Fender’s new owner – CBS, and made until 1981. Compared to their predecessors, Blackface amps, Silverfaces (named after the silver metal control panels) are nowadays considered to be of lesser quality. Some people, however, do actually prefer them, so it all seems to be just the old “everything was better before CBS”.

Duane Fender Bassman Amp at Big House Museum, Macon. On top: Coricidin D bottle. Photo credit: John McDavid/Flickr


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10 months ago

Silverface Bassman started shipping in September, 1967. This being a “drip edge, black line” version it was probably circuit AB165 which was the same circuit used as the Blackface Bassman from 1965-67. You can see McCartney playing a Silverface Bassman in the early 69 “Get Back” documentary.

Johnny Mac
Johnny Mac
2 years ago

What a great sound the legends of southern rock the Allman Bros have to begin with unreal!!!! I wonder what cabinet Duane’s Bassman was plugged into??? Great stuff thank you ground guutar…