Tom Morello’s Line 6 Flextone

Tom used a Line 6 Flextone guitar amp on one part of the song “Testify?”. The amp was paired with Tom’s Ovation Breadwinner guitar and can be heard around the 2:20 minute mark, during what Tom calls the “disco part”.

For the disco part in the breakdown (on “Testify?”), I used an Ovation Breadwinner through a Line 6 Flextone.

Tom Morello, Guitar Player – July 2000

Tom did not specify the exact model of the Flextone that he was using, but it was likely one of the single-speaker versions. He either used the Flextone 1×12, or the Flextone Plus – which also had one 12″ speaker but it also had a connection for stereo operation via 1×12″ extension cabinet. Both of those are 60w models.

The Line 6 Flextone amp is a digital modeling guitar amplifier that was first introduced in the late 1990s. It was an early version of the modeling amps that have flooded the market in recent years, and it offered 16 different amp modes, and a number of digital effects including delay, chorus, flangers, and others.


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