Tom Morello’s 1960s St. George MP-2 “Creamy”

Tom bought this guitar at a pawn shop in Toronto for around $30. Although we’re not completely positive about this, this was probably around 1993 while the band was doing a North American tour.

Tom with his St.George guitar.
Tom with his St. George guitar.

St. George guitars are a sort of a mystery. They were produced for a short period of time in the 60s in Japan and sold in the US mostly alongside Teisco guitars. Tom’s model is finished in blonde/yellow color and features two pickups, one of which was replaced with a DiMarzio Super Distortion T. His guitar is also missing the badge on the headstock, so for a long time Tom didn’t know the actual model of the guitar, and it was mostly called just “creamy”.

Tom used this guitar to record the song “Tire Me” from the RATM’s second album, paired with a 20w solid-state amp.


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