Tom Morello’s Dunlop TBM95 Signature Cry Baby Wah

This is the signature Tom Morello wah pedal made by Dunlop in 2020. The internals of the pedal are copied straight from the Dunlop GCB95 wah, which is the wah that Tom used exclusively since the late 80s when he first bought it. That model is no longer being produced, so the Tom Morello wah is sort of just a reissue of that model.

Externally, Tom worked with Dunlop to create a design that fits his style. The pedal is finished in red, it has a red star engraved on the foot switch, and it has “sometimes history needs a push” written on one side, and “you don’t need a weapon when you were born one” on the other.

Tom using the Dunlop TBM95 wah on his pedalboard, 2020.
Tom using the Dunlop TBM95 wah on his pedalboard, 2020.


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5 months ago

Communist quotes advocating for genocide. Cool.