Tom Morello’s DOD FX40B Equalizer

This pedal is a regular on Tom Morello’s pedalboard, and Tom uses it to boost his signal during solos.

The EQ pedal I use exclusively for boost. It’s from back in the days when we were playing clubs, and I couldn’t trust the soundman to know when the guitar solo was gonna come.

Tom Morello – Premier Guitar

He seems to have all the sliders around the fourth bar from the bottom, with black adhesive tape preventing them to get out of position.

If you’re curious what an EQ (Equalizer) guitar pedal actually does, it basically allows you to adjust the levels of different frequencies of your guitar signal. It typically has several sliders or knobs that you can use to boost or cut different frequencies, such as bass, midrange, and treble.

By adjusting the EQ pedal, you can shape your guitar tone to better fit the mix of a band, compensate for the acoustics of a particular venue (like Tom mentioned), or simply achieve a desired sound. For example, you might boost the bass and cut the treble to make your guitar sound thicker and more pronounced or boost the midrange to make it cut through the mix.


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