Tom Morello’s Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby Wah

The Dunlop GCB95 is Tom Morello’s main wah pedal and the one he has been using exclusively ever since he got it in the late 80s.

In the interview with Premier Guitar, during which Tom talked about his rig, he mentioned that he doesn’t really use this pedal in a traditional way – to create a wah effect during his solos, for instance. Instead, he found a way to use the pedal in such a way that makes his own techniques, like scratching, sound better.

I rarely use the wah pedal as a sort of traditional shreddy, bluesy wah. I found that it helps in the scratching area (making scratching sounds). So when I scratch I could click on the wah, depress it all the way, and it makes even more like a white-noisey sound.

Tom Morello – Premium Guitar
Tom Morello's Effect Pedals (1980s-2000s)
Tom Morello’s Effect Pedals (1980s-2000s) Digitech Whammy WH-1, Dunlop Cry Baby Wah, DOD FX40B EQ, 2×Boss Digital Delay, MXR Phase90, VoodooLabs Pedal Power II Plus – Play It Loud. MET (2019-05-13 19.16.34 by Eden, Janine and Jim)


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