Joe Walsh’s Fender Eric Clapton Stratocaster (with Rosewood neck)

Joe used this guitar with the Eagles in the early 2000s and at 2004 The Strat Pack concert. Based on the statement from Joe’s guitar tech Alan Rogan, the guitar was an Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster, with a custom-made rosewood neck fitted on it.

Joe likes the sound that rosewood gives… It’s very different from the usual maple. It’s really hard, so I had it refretted with Joe’s preferred frets, which are higher than normal so he can get under the string.

At first we had the neck on a ’54 reissue body, but now he’s put it on an Eric Clapton body and it’ll probably stay there, because it’s really working out. It’s from the Fender custom shop, and the pickups are noiseless.

Alan Rogan, Guitar and Bass Classics magazine
Joe playing the guitar on
Joe playing the guitar on “Hotel California” with the Eagles, early 2000s.

A screenshot from 2004 The Strat Pack concert. Notice the
A screenshot from 2004 The Strat Pack concert. Notice the “Noiseless” branding on the pickups, confirming that this is indeed an Eric Clapton Stratocaster body.


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