Joe Walsh’s Roland Cube 60

Joe Walsh used this amp to record the slide part on “The Long Run” (1979), and he used it recently to power his talk box which he uses on “Rocky Mountain Way”.

That’s driving the talk box [used on “Rocky Mountain Way”]. The speaker isn’t hooked up; it’s driving the talk box. It’s an old 60-watt CUBE — an orange one that’s been painted black.

Those CUBE amps are so great. I used to play with four of those in the early Eagles when Hotel California came out. In fact I used a CUBE to play slide on “The Long Run.” I liked to stack ’em too. That’s what I did in the old days. I even made a stand so I had two and two stacked. The top ones drove the bottom ones. I’d like to try out the new CUBE-60.

JOE WALSH, The Everlasting Eagle


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