Joe Walsh’s Rickenbacker 230GF Glenn Frey Signature

Joe probably got this guitar from Glenn Frey, since this was Frey’s own signature model produced by Rickenbacker. He used it occasionally since the early 2000s, most notably at the 2004 Crossroads Guitar Festival.

Joe Walsh playing a Rickenbacker 230 at the 2004 Crossroads Guitar Festival.

As far as specs, this guitar is a little bit different from the publically available version. Most notably, it doesn’t have any of the branding on the pickups, and there’s no Glenn Frey signature on the pickguard. Maybe this was one of the prototypes, or maybe Joe simply changed the pickups and removed the signature – who knows.

In any case, this Rickenbacker model was produced as a limited run in 1992. The company planned to make 1000 units total, but due to low demand, the production was cut at 239. It’s interesting to point out that Glenn was never really seen playing this guitar on stage – he only made a few promo shots with it. Most people seem to know about this guitar through Joe Walsh.


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