Joe Walsh’s Fender Super Reverb

Joe used a pair of Fender Super Reverbs as his main live amps in the 80s.

Based on what Joe said, it sounds like he used one of the amps as a cabinet, and he would run all 8 speakers through a single amp.

A vintage Les Paul. I’m partial to a ’59 or a ’60; it depends. ’58s are fun. I’d run that into a wah-wah pedal and then into an original tube-model Echoplex. That would go into a pair of Fender Super Reverbs with four 10s, except only one top.

I would put them on metal folding chairs that are about knee-high. Standing about eight to ten feet in front of those, you can actually move around and find different areas to sustain any note that you want. It’s also incredible because eight 10s pull the impedance of the amp down to like 4 ohms, and that’s where you really get your sweet sound–when the amp is screaming before it blows up.

Joe Walsh Carries On, Guitar Player, 1988


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