Joe Walsh’s Carvin CT6M California Carved Top

Joe appeared with this guitar in a video and in some photos that he did as a promotion with Carvin guitars sometime in the early 2000s. According to Joe, he worked directly with Carvin Custom Shop in designing this guitar and he choose all the woods and all the hardware himself.

I decided to get a custom guitar. I looked through the catalog, picked out woods, picked out pickups, and everything. And I got this gutiar and I absolutely love it

The weight is light, the wood, the feel, it has got great sustain.

Joe Walsh – Carvin
An ad for the
An ad for the “Carvin: 60 Years in the Making” DVD showing Joe holding his custom Carvin CT6M guitar.

Joe received a few of these guitars and occasionally used them liv the early 2000s, as can be seen in Farewell 1 Tour: Live from Melbourne DVD released by the Eagles (see photo below). The guitars had a quilted maple carved top on a mahogany body, double skunk striped mahogany neck with matching quilted maple headstock, likely an ebony fretboard.

The guitars were equipped with a pair of humbuckers, but at this time we don’t know the exact model or make. It does look like the Carvin C22B/C22J set which is the standard set used on the CT6 models.

Joe using a different (based on the wood grain/figure) Carvin CT6M live in 2002,


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