Dimebag Darrell’s Korg ToneWorks Pandora PX1

Dimebag used the Korg Pandora multi-effects unit on the song “10’s”. According to him, it was used on a small section to create a “fluttering” sound, so he could be referring to that noise that pops in the background throughout the song, the first time just before the vocals start.

I also used one of those little Korg Pandora boxes for a weird, fluttering sound on a short passage in “10’s” and a Lexicon Vortex for the shimmering, breathy tone on my theme-like lead in “The Underground in America.”

Dimebag Darrell Discusses Pantera’s 1996 Album, ‘The Great Southern Trendkill’
Dime and Vinnie on a Korg Pandera ad flyer.
Dime and Vinnie on a Korg Pandera ad flyer.

The Korg Pandora is a small, battery-powered, guitar processor unit released in 1996, with 60 different effects built in. It’s rarely used for studio work because it’s generally considered to be of lesser quality when it comes to the sound produced, but it looks like Dimebag didn’t mind it at all.


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