Dimebag Darrell’s Krank Revolution Series 1

Dimebag started using Krank amps around 2004. On stage, he used three Krank Revolution heads, connected to 2 cabs each, loaded with Eminence Texas Heat speakers. This is the first tube amp that Dime used, or intended to use regularly, as all of his previous amps were solid-state.

Apparently, Dime saw one of Krank amps somewhere and decided to contact to company and see if they’d be up for a collaboration.

I told the old lady, I said give them a ring and see if they wanna shoot one out to me to check it out, to see what’s going on with it. Odly enought, there it was. I plugged it up, and I was like “god damn”.

Because you see, I never played tubes before. A lot of people always thought that my old sound was tube becasue it was worm. I just – every tube amp I ever played I could never get enough gain. (But) when I plugged into the Krank, it was like I’m getting the warmth and the shred your fu*king face off – whats going on?

Dimebang Darrell at Krank Amps, 2004

A few weeks before Dime was shot, Krank produced his own signature amp called “The Krankenstein”, which Dime got to use only a few times.


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Joey Lizotte
Joey Lizotte
1 year ago

With Damageplan, Dime used a Randall RM100 head, along with an X2, and 2 Titan heads. The RM100 was what first got him interested in tube heads.