Dimebag Darrell’s Randall Warhead

This is Dimebag’s signature amp made by Randall, developed based on his feedback and needs. The amp featured two channels, independent gain and master volume, dual 3-band active EQs with mid sweep on distortion channel, a 9-band graphic EQ, and built-in effects.

According to Dimebag, he used the amp as part of his “B” rig – the “A” rig being his usual RG100 and Furman EQ/MXR EQs.

I have two different setups that I use. If I’m playing through the regular Randall RG100H, then the guitar goes to the Furman 4-band parametric EQ, to the MXR 6-band graphic EQ and into Randall. If I’m playing through Warheads, then I’m pretty much plugged straight in without those outboard EQs, because they’re built in.

Dimebag for Seymour Duncan

However, according to Dime’s guitar tech Grady Champion, the Warhead was only used for clean tones.

When he did the Randall Warhead, we ended up just using it for clean stuff.

Dimebag day: Dime’s longtime tech Grady Champion talks guitars, amps and tone


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