Dimebag Darrell’s Dunlop DB-01 Cry Baby Wah from Hell

The Dunlop Wah from Hell is a signature guitar effects pedal created in collaboration between Dunlop and Dimebag Darrell sometime around 2003. The pedal was based heavily on the 535Q model, with some additional features added to it.

The main feature of the Dunlop Wah from Hell compared to the 535Q is a custom-tuned sweep that allows for a wide range of tonal variations, from subtle, understated wah to bold and aggressive. Aside from that, it has the same Q control and a switchable boost as the 535Q, which can be used to increase the gain and volume of the signal.

As far as whether DImebag actually used this pedal – most of the fans argue that Dime himself never used it and that he instead went with the 535Q. However, he was seen using the pedal in the famous video where he demonstrated his rig with the Damageplan.

Dunlop DB-01 Cry Baby Wah from Hell seen on Dimebag's pedalboard, early 2000s.
Dunlop DB-01 Cry Baby Wah from Hell seen on Dimebag’s pedalboard, early 2000s.

In any case, since the pedal was officially released in 2003, just a year before Dime’s death, even if he used it for that short period of time, it did not play a significant role in his signature sound. The Vox wah and the 535Q were certainly more important historically.


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