Dimebag Darrell’s EHX Big Muff Pi

The first time Dimebag used an EHX Big Muff pedal was sometime before he started playing in Pantera, some years after he got his first guitar – so likely around 1979/1980. It’s also very possible that he used the Big Muff on the early Pantera recordings, but we have no way of confirming this.

My old man showed me how to play barre chords, and that’s when things started getting really heavy. But I think the turning point came when I discovered an Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Fuzz. Feedback! Distortion! Dude, that was all she wrote.

Dimebag Darrell – the Far Beyond Driven interview: “I knew it was going to be one bad motherf**ker – refreshing, new, and that’s what it was”

Dimebag also mentioned using the Big Muff (albeit the mini version) on Pantera’s 1996 album, The Great Southern Trendkill.


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