Syd Barrett’s Yamaha 12-String

Syd got this guitar sometime in 1971. This was after the release of Barrett (album), so the guitar likely was not featured in any of Syd’s studio work.

Also, the guitar was never photographed, and the only reason we know it existed is because of the 1971 interview Syd did with Rolling Stone magazine.

I worked this out yesterday. I think it’s much better. It’s my new 12-string guitar. I’m just getting used to it. I polished it yesterday. It’s a Yamaha.

Syd Barrett: The Madcap Who Named Pink Floyd

As far as the model, in 1971 Yamaha produced at least four different 12-string models, the FG2500 (produced from 1971-75), FG230 (1968-72), FG550 (1969-72), and the FG630 (1971-78). It could’ve been any of those, because, once again, we have no pictures of the guitar.


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