Syd Barrett’s 1960s Danelectro 3021

Syd bought this guitar sometime in 1965 and used it in the early days of Pink Floyd as his spare guitar. The most notable appearance of the guitar is perhaps during the UFO Nightclub gig in 1966.

Specs, Model

Danelectro was actually one of the more affordable guitars back in the 60s but still managed to draw attention from popular guitarists such as Jimmy Page, Jimmy Hendrix, and obviously – Syd Barrett. The body featured a masonite top and bottom, and a frame made of poplar wood holding everything together.

The neck was also built using masonite on the models made after 1956, with rosewood being used on the fingerboard itself. The guitar featured a unique set of single-coil pickups, designed by the owner and founder of Danelectro, Nathan Daniel.

As with all of Syd’s guitars, we couldn’t find out what exactly happened to it since he stopped using it. It probably got sold sometime before he left Pink Floyd.


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