Syd Barrett’s Roger Mayer Octavia

During his solo years, Syd started using Roger Mayer Octavia pedal, made popular by Jimi Hendrix who Syd was an admirer of even in his later years. The effect can be heard in the song “No Man’s Land”.

According to Roger Mayer, Syd was one of five people to receive a limited run of Octavias in early 1969. Prior to this, Roger only made “work in progress” pedals, usually just for Jimi.

At the end of 1968, I decided to build a limited run of 5 or so Octavias and 5 Distortion Pedals, all housed in the wedge enclosure. These units were completed in early 1969 and went to guitar players like Syd Barrett, Steve Marriot, Peter Frampton, Keith Reif, and Jimi of course.

The History of Octavio and Octavia


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