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Guitars with P90 pickups have a unique place in the pantheon of electric guitars, revered for their distinctive tone that cuts through a mix with clarity and warmth. This single-coil pickup, originally introduced in the late 1940s, remains a favorite among players across various musical genres. A P90 pickup is characterized by its high output and full, bright sound, which differs markedly from the more subdued tones of conventional single-coils and the thick, powerful output of humbuckers.

Choosing the right guitar with P90s can significantly influence your playing experience and the sounds you create. Whether encased in metal or plastic covers, these pickups can produce different tones, accommodating the nuanced preferences of different musicians. Furthermore, the choice between a solid body or a hollow body guitar can affect the resonance and tonal characteristics, providing either a punchier, more direct sound or a richer, more acoustic-like quality.

A beautiful gold-top Les Paul style guitar with a classic
A beautiful gold-top Les Paul style guitar with a classic “soapbar” P90 pickup. The Tronodon/Flickr

What is a P90 Pickup, and How is It Different from Other Types of Pickups?

P90 pickup is a type of electric guitar pickup with a distinct design and sound. First produced by Gibson in 1946, the P90 is still popular for its unique tonal quality which stands between the traditional single-coil and humbucker pickups.

Unlike the thinner, crisper sound of standard single-coil pickups, P90s offer a more warm tone while retaining clarity and brightness. Physically, P90s are bigger and traditionally have more coil windings, around 2000 compared to a standard single-coil’s lesser count. This increased winding contributes to their richer sound.

In comparison to humbuckers, which are known for their thick, noise-reducing double coil configuration, P90s operate with a single coil that tends to capture more of the guitar’s natural resonance, resulting in a somewhat rawer, more vibrant character. However, P90s can be more prone to electrical interference than humbuckers.

FeatureP90 PickupSingle-Coil PickupHumbucker Pickup
Coil TypeSingle Coil with more windingsSingle CoilDual Coil
ToneWarm yet brightBright and crispFull and warm
Noise CancellationLess than humbucker, more than single-coilLowHigh

The P90 has been utilized in various music genres, ranging from rock to jazz, and continues to be a sought-after option for musicians who seek a balance between a full-throated growl and articulate string response. It remains a timeless choice for guitarists looking for a versatile and distinctive sonic signature.

Metal vs Plastic Cover P90

When discussing P90 pickups, the difference in cover materials is often debated among guitar enthusiasts. P90s with metal covers are typically associated with a warmer tone, having a slight reduction in higher frequencies as compared to their plastic counterparts. This is due to the metal’s shielding properties, which can also aid in reducing electromagnetic interference. Users of these metal covers may find them aesthetically pleasing with a classic look that harks back to vintage styles.

On the flip side, plastic covers present a clearer and brighter sound profile. Plastic does not affect the magnetic field of the pickups as metal does, allowing the pickups to vibrate freely and maintain their high-end clarity. The plastic cover P90s are less prone to changes in tone caused by the cover material itself, although they might not offer the same level of interference shielding.

Cover TypeTone ImpactAestheticInterference Shielding
MetalWarmer, reduced high frequenciesClassic, vintageBetter
PlasticClearer, maintains high-end clarityModern, functionalLess

Guitarists choosing between the two should consider these factors, alongside their personal preference for the guitar’s appearance and their specific needs regarding tone and interference suppression. Some forums, such as The Gear Page, discuss how the nickel covers affect tone, providing firsthand user experiences.

Solid body vs Hollow body

When selecting a guitar with P90 pickups, a fundamental consideration is whether to opt for a solid body or hollow body guitar. Each design influences the instrument’s tone, feel, and application.

Solid Body Guitars:

  • Durability: More resistant to feedback, hence better suited for high-gain settings
  • Weight: Generally heavier, providing a solid feel
  • Tone: Characteristically produce a tighter and more focused sound, optimal for rock, metal, and blues

Hollow Body Guitars:

  • Durability: Prone to feedback at higher volumes, but offer a unique, open sound
  • Weight: Lighter due to the hollow construction
  • Tone: Typically yield a warmer, more resonant tone ideal for jazz, country, and softer genres

The guitarists’ choice between solid and hollow body guitars largely depends on their desired sound and the music they play. While a solid body guitar offers robust sustain and is versatile across various genres, a hollow body guitar stands out for its rich tonal character and lighter touch. It’s essential to consider these differences when selecting a P90-equipped guitar, as the body type coalesces with the pickups to color the guitar’s overall sound and playability.

Our Recommendations

In this curated selection, notable for their distinctive P90 pickups, each guitar offers something unique for players across genres like jazz, blues, rock, indie, country, and rockabilly. The recommendations focus on the best in class for sonic versatility, build quality, and playability, resonating well across various musical landscapes.

Gibson Les Paul Special


Gibson Les Paul Special, one of the best guitars with P90s, showcased with its classic design and distinct yellow finish.
Gibson Les Paul Special

The Gibson Les Paul Junior stands out as a legendary guitar, renowned in the rock music scene for its powerful tone and straightforward design. As one of the best guitars with P90s, this instrument boasts a P90 pickup known for its raw, midrange-focused sound that effortlessly cuts through any mix. The combination of a solid mahogany body and a comfortable neck profile makes it a top pick for guitarists who prioritize dependability and direct sonic impact.

Introduced by Gibson in 1946, the P-90 pickups initially graced their hollow-body models, such as the ES-150. However, the P90’s rise to fame came with its adoption by celebrated guitarists like Pete Townshend, Carlos Santana, and later on Bob Marley and Billie Joe Armstrong, who all favored the solid-body guitars equipped with these pickups. Their robustness was a key attribute, especially for these touring musicians who demanded reliability.

Choosing a Gibson Les Paul Junior is a smart move when searching for the best guitar with P90s, especially for those chasing that authentic vintage sound. While the Junior may seem too simplistic with its single pickup, and the Standard may stretch beyond many budgets, the Special model offers a sweet spot with its balanced features. It’s a versatile instrument that captures the essence of the P90’s celebrated tone, making it an excellent choice for guitarists looking to make a statement on stage or in the studio.

Epiphone Wilshire


Epiphone Wilshire in red, renowned as one of the best guitars with P90s, displaying its sleek double-cutaway body.
Epiphone Wilshire

The Epiphone Wilshire is a remarkable guitar with a storied history and a distinctive character. Originally introduced in the late 1950s, the Wilshire has carved out a niche for itself among a wide array of musicians, notably including the legendary Jimi Hendrix. Before Hendrix rose to fame and became synonymous with his iconic Stratocasters, he was known to play an Epiphone Wilshire, showcasing the guitar’s versatility and its ability to cater to even the most innovative and experimental musicians. The Wilshire’s dual P90 pickups are a significant part of its appeal, offering a raw and powerful sound that has been a staple in rock music for decades.

Young Jimi Hendrix playing an Epiphone Wilshire.
Young Jimi Hendrix playing an Epiphone Wilshire with two P-90 pickups.

For guitar enthusiasts and players looking for the best guitar with P90s, the Epiphone Wilshire presents an excellent option. Its construction features a solid mahogany body and neck, coupled with a rosewood fretboard, which together yield a warm resonance and sustain. The P90 pickups provide a perfect blend of clarity and bite, with a rich midrange that’s ideal for cutting through a band’s mix. These attributes make the Wilshire not only a great choice for those inspired by the tones of the past but also for modern players seeking a reliable and dynamic instrument.

Yamaha Revstar RS502


Yamaha Revstar RS502 with its stylish finish, celebrated as one of the best guitars with P90s for its exceptional tone and playability.
Yamaha Revstar 502

The Yamaha Revstar RS502 is a testament to Yamaha’s commitment to quality and innovation in guitar design. With its sleek, café racer-inspired aesthetics and engineering, the Revstar 502 has quickly become a favorite among discerning guitarists. This model is particularly noteworthy for its P90 pickups, which provide the guitar with a raw and expressive sound that P90 enthusiasts crave. The Revstar 502’s P90s deliver that classic punch and clarity that’s perfect for genres ranging from blues to rock, making it a versatile choice for players of all styles.

One of the reasons the Yamaha Revstar 502 stands out as one of the best guitars with P90s is its meticulous construction and player-focused features. The guitar’s body is crafted from solid mahogany, providing a rich, resonant tonal foundation, while the maple top adds brightness and sustain to the overall sound. The set-neck design, with a smooth, thin profile, allows for comfortable playability and effortless access to the upper frets. The Revstar’s P90 pickups, designed by Yamaha, are voiced to offer a balance of vintage warmth and modern clarity, ensuring that this guitar can handle anything from gritty, overdriven leads to clean, articulate rhythms.

Epiphone 1956 Les Paul Standard


Epiphone 1956 Les Paul Standard in iconic gold top, recognized as one of the best guitars with P90s for its vintage charm and rich sound.
Epiphone 1956 Les Paul Standard

The Epiphone 1956 Les Paul Standard is a remarkable homage to its Gibson counterpart, capturing the essence and allure of the classic Les Pauls of the mid-50s. This model is particularly striking with its iconic gold top finish, a nod to the vintage aesthetic that has charmed guitarists for generations. The attention to detail in replicating the original design is evident, making it a visually appealing instrument that exudes the same level of class and timelessness as the Gibson Les Pauls from which it draws inspiration. While it is a copy, it doesn’t skimp on quality, offering a solid mahogany body with a maple veneer top that contributes to its warm, resonant tone.

For those in search of authentic P90 sound, the Epiphone 1956 Les Paul Standard stands out as an excellent choice. Equipped with a pair of Alnico V P90 pickups, this guitar delivers that raw, powerful tone that P90 enthusiasts crave. Its snappy response and gritty character make it ideal for genres ranging from blues to rock, providing a sonic palette that is both versatile and distinct. The P90s are known for their ability to bridge the gap between single-coil twang and humbucker warmth, and the Epiphone 1956 Les Paul Standard harnesses this quality brilliantly. With its combination of classic looks, robust build, and dynamic sound capabilities, it’s a guitar that offers a slice of musical history without breaking the bank.

PRS SE 245 Soapbar


PRS SE 245 Soapbar, a modern take on the best guitars with P90s, featuring its signature PRS body shape and dual soapbar pickups.
PRS SE 245 Soapbar

The PRS SE 245 Soapbar is a testament to Paul Reed Smith’s commitment to quality and playability at an accessible price point. This model stands out with its sleek, single-cutaway body and the distinctive bird inlays that are a hallmark of PRS design, exuding a modern aesthetic with a nod to tradition. What makes the SE 245 Soapbar special is its meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, traits that have become synonymous with the PRS brand. The guitar’s mahogany body and maple top not only contribute to its visual appeal but also provide a balanced tonal foundation that is both rich and articulate. The wide-fat neck profile offers a comfortable grip that both vintage enthusiasts and modern players will appreciate, further enhancing the instrument’s playability.

When it comes to P90 pickups, the PRS SE 245 Soapbar shines, making it an excellent choice for guitarists looking to explore the unique tonal qualities of these pickups. The soapbar P90s installed in this model deliver a punchy midrange and an expressive top end that cuts through the mix with clarity and definition. These pickups are renowned for their versatility, capable of producing everything from warm, clean tones to aggressive, overdriven sounds that retain their character even at high gain settings. The PRS SE 245 Soapbar is a compelling option for players who demand the responsiveness and nuanced sound of P90s, paired with the reliability and aesthetic grace of a PRS instrument. Whether you’re performing on stage or recording in the studio, this guitar can handle a wide range of styles, making it a valuable addition to any musician’s arsenal.

Squier Paranormal Baritone Cabronita Telecaster


Squier Paranormal Baritone Cabronita Telecaster, a standout among the best guitars with P90s, with its extended range and unique style.
Squier Paranormal Baritone Cabronita Telecaster

The Paranormal Baritone Cabronita Telecaster is a unique addition to Fender/Squier’s eclectic lineup, offering a fresh twist on the classic Telecaster design with an extended range that ventures into the lower registers. The “Paranormal” moniker aptly reflects the guitar’s deviation from the norm, presenting a baritone model that caters to adventurous players looking to explore new sonic territories. Its 27-inch scale length provides the tension needed for lower tunings while maintaining the playability Fender is known for. The Cabronita Telecaster’s alder body and sleek, vintage-style design pay homage to the Telecaster’s storied history, which dates back to the early 1950s when it revolutionized the music world as one of the first mass-produced solid-body electric guitars.

While traditional Telecasters are known for their bright, cutting single-coil pickups, the Paranormal Baritone Cabronita Telecaster breaks the mold by featuring Fender-designed P90 pickups. These pickups imbue the guitar with a rich, full-bodied tone that complements its baritone capabilities, offering a warm midrange that’s perfect for everything from deep, ambient soundscapes to gritty, punchy riffs. The P90s’ high output and wide dynamic range make this instrument incredibly versatile, suited for genres that demand both clarity and depth. With its comfortable “C”-shaped neck and smooth playability, this guitar is an excellent choice for players looking to add the distinctive character of P90 pickups to the low-end growl and versatility of a baritone instrument. Whether you’re a guitarist seeking to expand your tonal palette or a bass player desiring more melodic freedom, the Paranormal Baritone Cabronita Telecaster offers a compelling blend of tradition and innovation.

Gibson SG Special


Gibson SG Special, a classic choice for the best guitars with P90s, showcasing its distinctive dual-cutaway design and powerful pickups.
Gibson SG Special

The Gibson SG Special stands out as a remarkable instrument for those seeking the distinct tonal qualities of P90 pickups. Its solid mahogany body provides a warm resonance that complements the raw, punchy sound of the P90s, offering a blend of clarity and grit that is ideal for genres ranging from blues to hard rock. The guitar’s slim taper neck and smooth rosewood fretboard ensure comfortable playability, while the simple yet effective control layout allows for easy tone shaping. The SG Special’s aesthetic retains the classic Gibson look, with the added vintage charm of the P90 soapbar pickups.

For guitarists who are captivated by the historic tones of early rock and roll or the bluesy bite of the 1960s, the Gibson SG Special is an excellent choice. The P90 pickups are renowned for their bright, crisp attack and midrange punch, which cut through a mix with ease, yet can produce a sweet, warm tone when played softly. This versatility makes the SG Special a suitable workhorse for both stage and studio work. Furthermore, its iconic double-cutaway design is not only visually appealing but also provides unrestricted access to the upper frets, making it a practical instrument for lead players. With its combination of playability, distinctive P90 sound, and timeless design, the Gibson SG Special is a compelling option for anyone looking to capture the essence of vintage Gibson tone.

Reverend Charger 290


Reverend Charger 290 in a sleek blue finish, an excellent example of the best guitars with P90s, known for its versatile tone and quality build.
Reverend Charger 290

The Reverend Charger 290 is frequently hailed as one of the best guitars with P90s on the market, thanks to its exceptional combination of quality, playability, and tone. The guitar boasts a pair of custom-wound Reverend P90 pickups that deliver the classic P90 sound with a modern twist—full of warm, rich midrange and an articulate high-end that’s not too sharp, making it incredibly versatile. The korina body is not only aesthetically pleasing but also contributes to a resonant and balanced tone, while the roasted maple neck provides stability and a smooth playing experience. The unique bass contour control adds to its tonal versatility, allowing players to fine-tune the low-end response for a tighter sound or dial in a fuller, more traditional P90 tone.

For guitar enthusiasts searching for the best guitar with P90s, the Reverend Charger 290 stands out as a top contender. It’s not just the quality of the P90s that makes this guitar exceptional—it’s also the attention to detail in its construction and features. Locking tuners ensure stable tuning, and the innovative treble bleed circuit maintains clarity when rolling back the volume knob, making it ideal for dynamic playing styles. Whether you’re playing gritty blues, aggressive rock, or smooth jazz, the Charger 290 adapts with ease, proving itself as a best-in-class option for anyone looking to harness the distinctive sound of P90 pickups in a reliable, stylish, and highly playable instrument.

Godin LG SP90


Godin LG SP90 with its elegant finish, a top pick among the best guitars with P90s, combining Canadian craftsmanship and vintage tone.
Godin LG SP90

The Godin LG SP90 is a remarkable instrument that embodies the quintessential characteristics of a good P90 guitar. It features a pair of high-quality P90 pickups that deliver the classic, fat single-coil tones beloved by players across various musical genres. These pickups are known for their higher output and rich harmonic content, offering a growly sound with plenty of punch. The guitar’s mahogany body and neck contribute to its warm and resonant tonal foundation, while the modern playability is ensured by the well-finished fretwork and comfortable neck profile. The Godin LG SP90 is versatile enough to handle everything from blues and rock to jazz and country, making it a suitable choice for a wide array of players.

Why the Godin LG SP90 stands out as a good P90 guitar is not just because of its sound but also due to its build quality and attention to detail. The craftsmanship is evident in the guitar’s solid construction and the smooth, playable neck, which allows for effortless fretting and bending. The P90s in this model are particularly praised for their balance between clarity and warmth, capable of cutting through a mix while retaining a full-bodied tonal character. This, combined with the guitar’s excellent sustain and dynamic response, makes the LG SP90 an excellent choice for guitarists seeking the distinctive bite and edge of P90 pickups in a high-quality, reliable instrument. Enthusiasts of the Godin LG SP90 appreciate its great pickups and pristine condition, as well as its suitability for rock and blues playing.

Fender Mustang 90


Fender Mustang 90 in a vibrant blue, celebrated for its dynamic sound as one of the best guitars with P90s, perfect for players seeking clarity and punch.
Fender Mustang 90

The Fender Mustang 90 offers a distinctive take on a classic design, tailored for modern players looking for the punchy midrange and raw rock ‘n’ roll edge that P90 pickups provide. This guitar is a perfect blend of vintage aesthetics and contemporary functionality. With its shorter 24″ scale length, it’s incredibly comfortable to play, (no wonder Kurt Cobain favored Mustangs for playing live) especially for those with smaller hands or who prefer the slinkier feel of less string tension. The pair of Mustang MP-90 pickups deliver all the growl and clarity you’d expect from P90s, but with a distinctively garage-rock bite that’s perfect for cutting through a mix. Its alder body contributes to a balanced sound, while the “C”-shaped neck profile and medium jumbo frets offer a smooth and comfortable playing experience.

For someone in the market for a P90 guitar, the Fender Mustang 90 is a compelling option, not just for its sound and playability but also for its unique style. It comes in a variety of colors to suit different tastes, including Aged Natural, Seafoam Green, and Burgundy Mist Metallic, each paired with a Pau Ferro or Maple fingerboard depending on the color choice. The guitar’s finish is complemented by a mint green pickguard, adding to its retro vibe.

The Fender Mustang 90 also features a six-saddle string-through-body hardtail Strat bridge, enhancing sustain and stability. This combination of features makes the Mustang 90 a versatile instrument that’s well-suited to a wide range of musical styles, from indie and alternative to punk and classic rock, making it a standout choice for P90 enthusiasts looking for something a bit different from the norm.

Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin P90


Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin P90, a revered archtop among the best guitars with P90s, exuding classic style with its rich, acoustic-like tones.
Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin P90

The Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin P90 is a beautifully crafted hollow-body guitar that exudes a vintage charm and delivers a rich, authentic acoustic tone. The Canadian wild cherry archtop, back, and sides not only contribute to its stunning aesthetics but also produce a warm and resonant sound that’s perfect for jazz, blues, and rockabilly styles. The guitar is equipped with a single Godin Kingpin P90 pickup, which offers a classic P90 sound known for its creamy, yet clear highs and thick mids with a growling low end. This pickup configuration makes it an ideal choice for players seeking the dynamic and expressive tones that P90s are celebrated for, without the excessive hum often associated with single-coil pickups.

The Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin P90 is an excellent choice for the discerning guitarist who appreciates the tonal qualities of a hollow-body instrument and the distinctive sound of P90 pickups. Its floating bridge and classic F-holes contribute to its traditional archtop vibe, while the adjustable Tusq bridge by Graphtech ensures precise intonation. The Silver Leaf maple neck with a rosewood fretboard offers smooth playability, making it a comfortable fit for both rhythm and lead players. Whether you’re a gigging musician looking for a reliable and versatile hollow-body guitar or a hobbyist who desires the warm acoustic tones for intimate settings, the Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin P90 stands out as a top contender. With its exceptional build quality and nuanced sound, it’s a guitar that will inspire and perform reliably in a variety of musical contexts.

Ciari Ascender P90


Ciari Ascender P90

The Ascender P90 Solo by Ciari Guitars is a groundbreaking instrument designed for the modern musician who requires both portability and quality. The most striking feature of this guitar is its foldability; it is engineered to compactly fold without detuning, making it an ideal choice for traveling musicians or those with limited space. The design does not compromise on sound, as it packs a punch with its P90 pickups, known for their rich, warm tones that bridge the gap between the crispness of single coils and the depth of humbuckers. Its build quality and innovative folding mechanism make it a practical and stylish choice for gigging musicians, students, and guitar enthusiasts who need to save space or frequently move their instrument.

Ciari Guitars, the company behind The Ascender P90 Solo, has established itself as a forward-thinking brand, focusing on the needs of musicians in the 21st century. The brand’s history is rooted in the desire to solve the common problem of traveling with a guitar. With options like the Ascender P90 Solo, Ciari Guitars has successfully merged convenience with quality. For someone in the market for a P90 guitar, The Ascender P90 Solo stands out as a unique choice. It offers the beloved tonal qualities of P90 pickups in a highly portable and innovative design, making it more than just a novelty; it’s a functional, gig-ready instrument that caters to a wide range of players, especially those who value the blend of classic tone and modern design.

Frequently Asked Questions

P90 pickups are renowned for their distinctive tone, bridging the gap between single-coil clarity and humbucker warmth. This section addresses several common inquiries about guitars equipped with these versatile pickups.

Who are some notable musicians that frequently use guitars with P90 pickups?

Many renowned guitarists have favored the unique sound of P90 pickups. Artists like Leslie West, Mick Jones of The Clash, and Tony Iommi in the early days of Black Sabbath have been known for their use of guitars with P90 pickups, contributing to their distinctive tonal qualities.

What genres of music are P90 pickups best suited for?

P90 pickups are versatile and can be found across various genres. They shine in blues, rock, punk, and jazz, offering a rich, warm tone with a bite that cuts through mixes effectively, making them suitable for both rhythm and lead playing.

Which models are considered the best guitars with P90 pickups for under $1000?

The Fender Mustang 90 stands out as a top-notch choice for its high value, slim playability, and solid quality under $1000. Additionally, instruments like the Epiphone Les Paul Special I P-90 are celebrated for offering classic tones without breaking the bank.

What are some high-quality alternatives to Gibson’s P90 pickups?

Several manufacturers offer high-quality alternatives to Gibson’s P90s. Seymour Duncan and Lindy Fralin produce P90 pickups that many players consider on par with or surpassing the quality of traditional Gibson P90s, providing comparable vintage-inspired tones.

Can you recommend some guitars with P90 pickups that offer the best value for money?

The Epiphone SG Special P-90 and the Yamaha Pacifica PAC611HFM are often recommended for their excellent value for money. Both guitars offer a balance of quality craftsmanship, playability, and the sought-after tones P90s are known for, at accessible price points.

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