Bob Marley’s 1979 Yamaha SG-1000

Bob played this guitar during The Wailers’ last tour in 1979. Allegedly, the guitar was a gift from Yamaha, who are of course Japanese-based.

Bob Marley playing a dark burst Yamaha SG-1000.
Bob Marley playing a dark burst Yamaha SG-1000.

After Marley, Ownership Dispute

Apparently, Bob gave the guitar at some point to Aston “Family Man” Barrett, a bassist who toured with Marley, and the founding member of The Wailers.

In 2000, Aston gave the guitar to Angus Reid for “safekeeping” and so it could be displayed at his Norfolk, Va., concert venue. Years passed, and in 2008 Barret accidentally learned that Reid put his prize possession for auction at Christie’s.

Berrett filed a lawsuit against Reid and Christie’s asking for $50,000 compensation and the guitar’s safe return. The guitar was promptly withdrawn from the auction, and given back to him.


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