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Hello traveler!

Since you’re right now, at this very moment, looking at this very page – it’s safe to guess that you have a desire to help out the GroundGuitar project – or you have an uncontrollable urge to click on everything with a hover-on effect. Either way you’re here, so yeah.

As GroundGuitar grows bigger by each month, and attracts more and more traffic, it slowly becoming more of a money-flushing toilet than a slow-dipping counter sink which it was in the early stages. The website is ran by one person (that’s me) – which is only made possible with your constant support and feedback, and of course with the help of awesome people from WordPress who provide a free web platform for anyone to use.

I’ll continue with the website probably forever (not forever-ever though), since I just like it that much. But, if you feel generous and you want help out the project more directly here’s couple of things you can do:


1. Spread the word (aka like the Facebook page)
This is perhaps the easiest thing you can do as it only takes a fraction of a second but helps the website greatly. Only thing you need to do is press the like button above, and you’re set!


2. Use our Amazon link to shop 
This website would be much more stressful to run if it wasn’t for the awesome Amazon affiliate system. You probably clicked on a few links while reading something on the website, and without even knowing it – you helped me pay for some of the hosting expenses. It’s pretty awesome.

Shop away -> Amazon


3. Donate 
Although I’ve been getting emails from people directly asking for a PayPal email to which they can donate to, I’m unfortunately not able to provide one due to banking policy in the country that I’m currently living in. Nonetheless, I appreciate all the messages.


So yeah, that’s about it for now. Thanks for taking interest in helping out!

Dan. ([email protected])