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The primary way of helping out the website is obviously by providing feedback, sharing your knowledge, and pointing out the mistakes in the existing content. But if you found the information on GroundGuitar the be of value to you, and you’re considering helping out in other ways, I’ve enabled the option to donate.

However, I’d like to say that donations are not needed nor required – as in, the website does not rely on them. I run ads and use other means of providing some sort of income, and the website is in no danger in running out of funds.

That said – everything you do donate goes towards making the website better. Indirectly – through enabling me to dedicate more time to it, or directly – hiring actual professional web designers and programmers (I’m more than obviously not one).

How to Donate 

You can donate safely through PayPal by using the link below.

Click here to Donate using PayPal

That’s about it for now from me. Thank you for your interest in helping out!

Dan Kopilovich.