Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Roger Mayer Octavia

This was Stevie’s most widely used Octavia pedal, which he “mained” until switching to a Tycobrae Octavia, sometime in 1990.

I was also the one to introduce Stevie to the Fuzzface. He didn’t know what one was until In Step. He had a Univibe, but he never used it, and I brought in a Tycobrae Octavia and the Fuzzfaces.

Cesar Diaz The Last Great Interview (SRV)
Stevie’s pedalboard at Live at Letterman gig, April 1990.

We used four pedals: a CryBaby wah-wah, an Ibanez Tube Screamer, an Octavia and a Dallas Arbitar Fuzz Face.

Interview: Stevie Ray Vaughan’s guitar tech Rene Martinez

Most notably, Stevie was seen using the pedal at the Austin City Limits concert in 1989, specifically on the opening part of Voodoo Chile.


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