Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Rickenbacker 360 Capri

Stevie was seen playing this guitar in 1978 while gigging with Hubert Sumlin (see Stevie Ray Vaughan & Hubert Sumlin, Austin TX (1978)). There are also photos of Stevie with the Rickenbacker shown from the back with a sticker reading “Stingray”. This would indicate that he used the guitar somewhat extensively since he at least bothered to decorate it.

According to Stevie’s guitar tech Greg Sisk, during one of the gigs – which happened to be on Stevie’s birthday, Hubert Sumlin showed up with no guitar, at which point Stevie decided to give the Rickenbacker and an amp to Hubert (original source on this story needed).


The exact model of the guitar is at this point unknown. The most likely candidate would be the 360 Capri, which matches Stevie’s guitar in terms of finish, body binding, bridge style, and pickguard color. If you happen to be a vintage Rickenbacker expert, please do comment if you have any more knowledge. The photos of Stevie with the guitar can easily be found by simply searching “SRV Rickenbacker” on Google.


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