Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Music Note Guitar Strap

Stevie used these guitar straps for most of his iconic live performances, including Live at Montreux in 1982 and 1985, and at Rockpalast in 1984. Sometimes he used white straps with black notes, other times black straps with white notes, but they were essentially the exact same straps.

Stevie with a white Music Note guitar strap. Montreux 1985.
Stevie with a white Music Note guitar strap. Montreux 1985.

The original straps that Stevie used were made by Earth III, owned by Richard Oliveri who was based in Staten Island, New York. Shortly before Richard died in 1989, the company went out of business, and production stopped.

Just recently, Roy Jones, who worked at the original factory, restarted production. The result was the Earth III Music Note guitar strap, which is now available for pre-order from EarthThree.


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