Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Mother Dumble Amp

According to Chris Layton, Stevie’s drummer, the amp that Stevie used to record the Texas Flood album was a Mother Dumble (300 watts). The amp belonged to Jackson Browne, who owned the studio where the album was recorded.

There was literally nothing between the guitar and the amp. It was just his Number One Strat plugged into a Dumble amp called Mother Dumble, which was owned by Jackson Browne. The real tone just came from Stevie, and that whole recording was so pure; the whole experience couldn’t have been more innocent or naïve.

Chris Layton, Texas Flood: The Inside Story of Stevie Ray Vaughan

As far as the exact model, it seems likely that this was a prototype of some sort, or perhaps a Dumbleland custom model. Therefore, it likely didn’t have a model name, and the “Mother Dumble” was just something that Jackson came up with (if you happen to know anything about this amp, leave it in the comments).

In any case, this amp was very important in the SRV lore, because it is the first Dumble that Stevie ever used. After using it, he probably asked Jackson Browne for information about where he could get one for himself, and by 1983, he was using Dumble amps in his gig regularly.


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