Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Marshall Major (Model 1967) Amp

Stevie used this amp on stage around 1987, paired with a Dumble Steel String Singer.

When I first started working with him, it was a Dumble Steel String Singer and a 200-watt Marshall head, and each one of those amps was playing through EV-loaded Dumble 4 x 12 cabinets – one was angled and one was flat.

Stevie Ray Vaughan’s guitar tech Rene Martinez
Stevie with a Marshall Major and a Dumble Steel String Singer.
Stevie with a Marshall Major and a Dumble Steel String Singer.

The goal behind this setup, according to Stevie, was to simplify things and get rid of all the various amps that he usually used.

For a long time I used a combination of a bucnh of things, I used to use lots of Fender amps. Now I’ve gone to smaller rigs, numbers wise. I’m using a Marshall Major amp, power head, and a Dumble [Steel String Singer] power head.

SRV – Interview 1987 – Stevie’s Setup 1/2

According to Cesar Diaz, Stevie’s Major ran on the identical output valves as the factory models – the KT88s.

In the Marshalls, we always used 6L6’s instead of EL 34’s,with the exception of the Majors. For those,we used KT88’s. The EL34’s didn’t have that clean top end and really round sound that we wanted, and they were too brittle sounding. Sometimes it also depended on what song we were doing and what tube I thought would be appropriate for that sound. Remember, we weren’t after the British sound—we were after the Hendrix sound.

Cesar Diaz The Last Great Interview (SRV)


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