Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Marshall JMP 4140 Club and Country

Stevie used this amp for his clear tone in the early days, circa the early 80s. The amp was a 1980 model 4140 Club and Country combo with two 12-inch speakers, 100 watts of output, and KT77 tubes. In some photos, the amp is seen with tape on the speaker grill, which was apparently done in an attempt to cut the higher frequencies.

This particular model was basically Marshall’s take on the Fender Twin Reverb, so it would sense that Stevie liked it for his clean sound. At this same time, he used two Fender Vibroverbs for his dirty or distorted sound.

The amp remained in Vaughan’s rig until the early to mid-80s when he started using a Dumble amps instead.


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