Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Fender Bassman Blackface

This was one of Stevie’s early amps. According to Roddy Colonna, a drummer who played in a few of Stevie’s early bands, he used the amp while Roddy played with him.

If we look at the timeline posted over at the SRV Achieve website, the first band that had Roddy as the drummer, name Deryk Jones Party, was formed in the summer of 1971. So, based on this, Stevie used this amp sometime around that period.

Also according to Roddy, the amp had the word “Euphoria” stenciled on it, which led Stevie to assume that the amp was once owned by Eric Clapton.

His main amp then was a 4×12 Marshall bottom with a blackface Fender Bassman top that had “Euphoria” stenciled on it, and Stevie was convinced that Clapton had been in a band called Euphoria and that it might have been his amp.

Roddy Colonna – Texas Flood: The Inside Story of Stevie Ray Vaughan


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