Stevie Ray Vaughan’s 1930s National Duolian

Most famously, Stevie was seen holding this guitar on the cover of the In Step album. Stevie believed that the guitar previously belonged to Blind Boy Fuller, an American blues guitarist, and singer from the 1930s.

I’ve got a ’28 Dobro and I sometimes play some slide, but not very often. I go through phases where I feel comfortable about it. It’s funny, I’ll get into doing it again and get real confident with it, and then something happens…

Classic interview: Stevie Ray Vaughan, MusicRadar

Although Stevie refers to it as a ’28 Dobro, based on the serial number provided by the article seen here, the guitar is Duolian, which means that it couldn’ve been made earlier than 1930.

Stevie with the Resonator guitar on the cover of In Step album.

According to Rene Martinez, Stevie’s guitar tech, this was one of Stevie’s favorite guitars, one that he would carry around on tour and practice with backstage.

This guitar was one of Stevie’s favorites. We took it on the road all the time and Stevie would use it to try out new material or just play around.

Rene Martinez, exact source needed


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