Paul Kossoff’s Guitar Picks

Unfortunately, it is unknown whether Paul had a strict preference when it came to guitar picks. When you look at the photos and the video footage available, he’s using a variety of different colored picks – most often white ones.

These white picks were possibly the Herco nylon picks, which were popular among British guitarists at that time. Also, as claimed by Johnny Whiston in the comments, he also used Gibson picks – so it could’ve been those.

In any case, Paul’s guitar pick preference is largely still a mystery and this is all just guesswork.


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Johnny Whiston
Johnny Whiston
1 year ago

I had a friend Pete Scott who was like me a big Kossoff fan, he got a job as a roadie with Back Street Crawler at the end of 75′ and after the band had played the new Victoria theatre in London he asked Koss’ for a plec’ for me as I also played guitar. but when he gave it to me I was shocked and thought he was having a joke, it was a huge Heavy white triangular Gibson plec!! I thought you only used them on banjos’. Anyway I foolishly turned the gift down only to see a photo a number of years later of Koss’ playing with said plec’ in his hand!! You can also see it on a few live Vids’. I lost touch with Pete but would love to hear if he’s still got it, lol. ps Loved the article

11 months ago
Reply to  Johnny Whiston

I’ve also seen the oversized picks being used by Koss, at least it looks like it in the “Doing Their Thing” Granada concert.