Paul Kossoff’s Custom Guitar Strings

According to the popular legend, Paul used Gibson Sonomatics for the three heavier strings, a really heavy unwound banjo string for the fourth, and a couple of heavy strings from a .013 set of Fender Rock n Rollers for the first and the second.

However, according to our visitor Alen (see comments below), the bottom two strings were a .8 and a.11.

Of course, none of this can be confirmed, so take it with skepticism.


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Alan Merrill
Alan Merrill
1 year ago

Re: Strings – Drinking together in a bar in Tokyo 1971 I asked him how he got that vibrato and he told me he used a 9 for his high E. 11 for a B. I don’t recall the rest. But he had a heavy lower 3 gauge and high top 3 gauge strings. I have a napkin somewhere with him writing the gauges down for me on a bar napkin but I have no idea where the napkin is and can’t recall exactly what all 6 strings were. Didn’t seem important to me at the time. I will find the napkin eventually.

1 year ago
Reply to  Alan Merrill

If you could thanks