Mac DeMarco’s Sigma DR-41

Mac played this guitar in a video posted over at Indie88 YouTube channel where he played an acoustic version of “Without Me”. The video was filmed in Ontario, Canada, and was posted on Jul 27, 2016, and as far as one can tell, this was the only time that Mac appeared publically with this guitar.

The Sigma DR-41 is sort of a knock-off model of the Martin D-45/41 – which is among the more expensive and fancy guitars out there. The brand Sigma itself was actually owned by C.F. Martin until 2007, so the models they produced were basically budget versions of Martins, and people generally regard them as well-built instruments for people who don’t really care about brands. Since AMI became the new owner of Sigma guitars in 2007, they were not allowed to use the brand name “Sigma” in the U.S. market, and instead, they are sold there as “Kindred” guitars.

The DR-41 model that Mac was using features a solid Sitka spruce top with Indian rosewood back and sides, and a mahogany Indian rosewood fretboard. The guitar also features Abalone fretboard inlays, styled after the Martin D-45 model, and gold-plated Grover tuners. This specific model is no longer available, but a similar one named DT-41 currently sells for around $700 new.


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