Mac DeMarco’s Roland KC-550 Keyboard Amplifier

This is actually a keyboard amp, but Mac DeMarco used it as sort of a cabinet for his Fender Vibro Champ when playing live. He’d have the Vibro Champ miced up, and run the mic to the input of the KC-550.

What I’ve been doing recently is to bring a really big 200-watt keyboard amp, take a really small Fender amp — actually the one we use to record the albums with — and put that on top of the big one,

Then I’ll mic that small Fender amp with my own mic, which goes into the keyboard amp, so it’s just a giant cab for the little guy. Then I run all the keyboards on the stage into that big keyboard amp as well.

Mac DeMarco – original source needed.
Mac DeMarco using a Fender Vibro Champ and Roland KC-550 amps live on stage in 2015.


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