Mac DeMarco’s Gibson SG Electric Guitar

Mac DeMarco used this Gibson SG briefly in 2014, alongside a Fender Mustang. The Mustang was likely his main guitar at that time, and the SG could’ve been just a backup. Or it could be that he picked up this SG while on tour in Europe, used it for a while, and decided it didn’t fit his style.

In any case, the guitar could only be seen on a few gigs, including one that was filmed and posted on YouTube – see Mac DeMarco – Annie & The Stars Keep On Calling My Name & Robson Girl (The Daily Indie).

Mac DeMarco playing a Gibson SG guitar in 2014.
Mac DeMarco playing a Gibson SG guitar in 2014.

Based on the looks, this was a newer guitar, based on a late 60s Gibson SG model – which has the same large “batwing” pickguard, and the Maestro Vibrola tremolo. The only things that Mac seemed to have done to the guitar was adding an orange sticker above the bridge, and removing the decorative plate from the Maestro Tremolo.


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