Mac DeMarco’s Alesis MicroVerb 4 Rack Effect

Mac used this rack effect unit while recording his second solo album. According to an answer that he himself posted on Yahoo Answers (page now removed), he used the effect on “Cooking up Something Good” “Freaking out the Neighborhood” and “Ode to Viceroy”.

I ran my guitar through an alesis microverb 4 rack unit into a fender vibrochamp. preset 37 is the chorus from cooking up something good. preset 44 is the flanger from freaking out the neighborhood. and preset 84 is the weird delay flange from ode to viceroy.

jah bless

Mac D

Yahoo Answers – page now offline

In a 2019 interview with, Mac also explained how he fell in love with the unit because it had so many effects, and it had a mix knob that allowed him to get either just the clean guitar signal or the full effect signal. He discovered that he really liked the dry chorus, without the clean signal.

The thing that really got me into (guitar effects) I got from my friend Jasper this – and I used one a couple of years before because my bass player had one, John – it was an Alesis MicroVerb 4.

Fully rack, shallow little crummy stereo thing. But it had like a hundred different presets – amazing! I got addicted to the – there were choruses with delays going on, lot of modulation stuff. But the thing that really got me – there was a mix knob on it, so you could have either the dry effect, or just the signal.

If I could just the (chorus) jiggle – I liked that. I always though it was a chorus, but it turns out if you take out the dry signal, then that’s just vibrato.

Mac DeMarco Nerds Out About Music Gear | Reverb Interview


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