Mac DeMarco’s 1970 Fender Stratocaster (Natural)

Mac DeMarco used this 1970 Fender Stratocaster as his main touring guitar in 2015. Sometime presumably in late 2015 or early 2016, he ended up breaking the body in half, rendering the guitar unplayable, at least for a while.

I had another Strat, a 1970 Strat. I loved this guitar, wood finish, but I gave it a little chuck chuck on the ground and it split form here to here (pointing at the guitar’s body). Right open, you can take a look right through it.

Mac DeMarco talks Dream Guitars, Gearheads, Jul 7, 2016
Mac DeMarco playing his 1970 Fender Stratocaster in 2015.
Mac DeMarco playing his 1970 Fender Stratocaster on stage in 2015.

It seems however that Mac managed to glue the guitar back and continued using it starting in 2018. Although DeMarco never really mentioned that he reglued the guitar, this must’ve been the case, because in an interview with he tells the exact same story of breaking this guitar in Montreal but three years later, in 2019.

I’m pretty partial to Stratocaster. I had a really really good one that I really loved, but I broke it in eight or nine pieces in Montreal last week.

The one that I loved that I destroyed was a ’70 (model), and there was something about it.

Mac DeMarco interview with – Nov 4, 2019

So either the first interview was a glitch in spacetime, or for some reason, DeMarco managed to do exact same thing to the guitar, in the exact same city. It’s unusual however that he wouldn’t mention that the guitar was already broken at some point in the 2019 interview.

What’s also unusual is that there’s no visible glue joint on the guitar in the photos taken after the presumed repair. It’s perhaps possible that a glue joint could be hidden well since it followed the wood grain, and since the finish on the guitar is completely clear.

Mac DeMarco playing his 1970 Fender Stratocaster in 2018, after the brake and the presumed repair.
Mac DeMarco playing his 1970 Fender Stratocaster in 2018, after the brake and the presumed repair.

In any case, this guitar is a very significant and important one in DeMarco’s guitar collection. As said it was used as his main in 2015/2016, and up until he first broke it. He then again started using it in 2018 and used it until he broke it again, sometime around October 2018.


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