Keith Richards’ 1960s Harmony Meteor H70

Keith played this guitar in the very early days of the Rolling Stones. He acquired it on January 25, 1963, after debating whether he’d go with a Harmony or a Hawk model. The choice fell on the Harmony, mainly because it was equipped with with two pickups.

Buy new guitar, Harmony or Hawk? Harmony has good price but do you get guarantee. “Hawk” has and also has case supplied. Both models PS84.0.0
Got 2 thumbpicks–bought Harmony with two P.U.’s sunburst finish in 2-tone case PS74.

Keith Richards; Life

Keith’s Harmony guitar featured spruce top with maple back and sides, bolt-on maple neck, and two DeArmond “Golden Tone” pickups. It was finished in 2-tone sunburst, and was likely made in 1960 or 1961.

Jagger and Richards in the early 60s. Source: Screencap YouTube

As said, Keith used the guitar with the Rolling Stones from January 1963. From then on, among others, the guitar was used during the Rolling Stone’s first TV appearance on ATV’s Thank You Lucky Stars, most likely on Rolling Stone’s first single called “Come On” released on June 7, 1963, and at De Lane Lea Studios in London where the band recorded their second single “I Wanna Be Your Man” [Rolling Stones in the studio 1963].

Keith used this guitar as late as August 1964 [Stones at Longleat House August 2, 1964], which means that it was used alongside his next guitar, a 1962 Epiphone Casino.


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