Jimmy Page’s Sola Sound Tonebender MK II

Jimmy Page started using the Sola Sound Tonebender MK II from the point he switched from playing bass to the guitar in the Yardbirds in August 1966. He continued using the pedal with the Led Zeppelin until June 1969. Then for a brief period of time, he used a Rotosound Tonebender MKIII, and then eventually decided to go straight into his amp.

It’s called a Tone Bender. I had somebody custom make it for me and I get 75% of my sound with it. It’s very similar to a fuzzbox, but I can sustain notes for several minutes if I want to. It just has an on and off switch and it also has a fuzzy sound.

It’s not manufactured at all. A friend of mine made it by hand for me (Gary Hurst).

Jimmy Page – December 1968 issue of the Hit Parader


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