Jimmy Page’s 1950s Futurama/Grazioso

This was Jimmy Page’s first electric guitar. He bought it second-hand after realizing that his old Hofner acoustic just wasn’t good enough anymore.

See, that’s the first electric guitar I get. The one before it, the Hofner, my dad buys that, but after that, he [laughs]—I don’t know, maybe he was psychic and he knew what was coming, because there’s a whole procession of guitars that come into my life over the next few years. But that’s the first one, the Grazioso. It looked and felt like an electric guitar, even though it wasn’t a Fender.

Interview: Jimmy Page on His Session Years and Led Zeppelin’s First Days | Bacon’s Archive
Young Jimmy Page with his Futurama guitar.
Young Jimmy Page with his Futurama guitar.

Specs, History

The guitar was made by a Czechoslovakian company Drevokov located in the city of Blatná, who named it Grazioso for the home market and Futurama for foreign markets (read more about it at The Futurama Guitar Story). It featured a sunburst finish, three single-coil pickups with individual switches below them, and a maple neck with dot inlays.


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